My name is George A. Page. I am a Washingtonian photographer with over twenty-five years of experience. I am a graduate from the School of Communications at Howard University. My photo assignments include architecture, commercial, events, political, portraits, and sports. My goals are to provide photographic services to the local community and also contribute to society as a whole.


I've been taking pictures all of my life. I started with a simple 126 instamatic film camera. The pictures I took with that camera are very special to me. I still have some of them. Photography is my life. I like just about every kind of photography one can imagine. I started when I was eleven years old. I still look out of a window, as I did as a child, to frame some image of something happening. I needed to find a tool that would enable me to frame things around me. That tool, I was soon to discover, was a camera. My father enjoyed photography as a hobby. He answered my questions, and allowed me to find my own way. I then and now walk with a box with a lens that helps me see the world. I share this gift with others through my cameras. I love polaroid, film, and digital cameras. I love black and white, and color images. This website displays what I like. I'm still discovering new ways. My photography journey continues and will reach new heights, without boundaries or borders.

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